Clark Bartram Biography – Age, Country, Wiki, Profile

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Clerk Bartram is an actor, very much known for his work during the movies; Batman, Death End, Hunter Prey, World’s Finest and many others. He is a professional fitness model, published fitness writer and ISSA Master Personal Trainer who hails from Ohio, USA. Clerk is best known for an online trainer and TV show host in the USA.
Weight lifting became a part of Clark’s life during high school. In 1979, a weight trainer at the local YMCA saw his bicep definition and told him that he’d make a great bodybuilder. Since that day, he’s been hooked.
At tender stage of life, Clerk was very passionate on sports, as well as playing in various schools. He developed his own physique himself and has since then stand a good ground in training others in the field of physical fitness.
As his face became more and more well-known, Clark managed to appear on over a hundred covers including Muscle & Fitness and Natural Bodybuilding. He became the go-to man for natural bodybuilding shoots and ‘working-man’ focused articles
Looking into his awards and nominees, Clerk has appeared as  successful ISSA Master Trainer, Popular Magazine Contributor, Sponsor Athlete and many others.