Ludi Lin Biography – Age, Country, Wiki, Profile

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Ludi Lin was born 1984 in Fuzhou, China. He is a Chinese-Canadian actor and model. He is best known for playing Zack, the Black Ranger in the 2017 Power Rangers reboot. He is set to appear in Aquaman in 2018.
Lin is proficient in the martial arts. He studied Muay Thai in Thailand after graduating from High School, as well as Jiu-Jitsu and Olympic style wrestling. Lin is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese
Ludi was sent abroad to boarding schools in Australia where he spent the bulk of his youth. In his final year of high school, he emigrated to Canada. He graduated from the University of British Columbia, where he studied in Theatre Performance. Ludi also studied in Los Angeles in Film and TV acting. He added a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and further studies in Medicine. He currently resides in Beijing.