Mahdi Fleifel Biography – Age, Country, Wiki, Profile

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Mahdi Fleifel was born on 25 October, 1979 in Dubai , United Arab Emirates. Mahdi Fleifi‘s father and mother both came from Palestinian refugee camp Ain El-Helweh in Lebanon.He is a Palestinian-Danish film director. He is especially known for the award-winning documentary A World Not Ours from 2012.
They moved to Dubai to get away from the inactivity of the relay camp, and Mahdi was born in 1979. When the father lost his job, the family had to return to the camp but traveled two years later when Mahdi was 9 years old to Denmark, where the family settled in Ålsgårde near Helsingør. Fleifel became a Danish citizen and graduated from a college degree, but has since 2000 lived, studied and worked in England, and since 2014 in Amsterdam. After a time at the University of Wales, Newport started Mahdi Fleifel in 2007 at the British National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield, which he graduated in 2009.
Fleifel’s most famous film is A World Not Ours, a documentary report of the flight camp Ain El-Helweh, based on 30 years of filming from the camp, including from amateur recordings taken during Mahdi repeated summer vacation stay in the camp as a child.