Kim Manana Biography – Age, Measurements

Kim Manana

Kim Manana is a South African busty model, Instagram star, and brand ambassador. The plus-size fashionista has kept her over 200,000 followers glued to her page with her beautiful modeling photoshoots and luxury lifestyle.

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She’s the middle child of 3 from her parents. Kim Manana fame as a socialite has gone across all of South Africa and beyond. This is one of her quotes; I make “BIG” look good. She has gone through a lot according to her, this is her statement regarding what she has faced in life because of her body structure;

I really struggled because having big breasts come with stigma,” she said. “You are seen as thick, a sex symbol, even promiscuous. A typical male couldn’t see me as a normal female with feelings but just a sex object. It became really hard for me to have a serious relationship, it was always really about my looks. Relationships are something I found very difficult to keep because of my looks.

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From what she has stated, her body has brought some pain for her and also lots of attention as it has helped her grow her social media accounts. Her Tiktok has grown to a massive 145,000 followers and her content has been liked more than 1.5 million times. She continued in her video;

Anything I wear, no matter how it is, there seems to be a sex stamp on it. If a skinny or normal slim girl wears what I wear they wouldn’t even be noticed but for me, it’s a different story. A lot of people think of your looks, forgetting it is just basically genetic and has nothing to do with your person. Another thing about having big breasts is sleeping positions. I always liked to sleep on my stomach but because of my big breasts, I have to stop and sleep on my back. It’s been a real struggle to accept myself.