Moghelingz Biography – Age


Moghelingz whose real name is Banele Ndaba is a South African social media sensation that has captured the hearts of many. The award-winning content creator began sometime in 2017 but started creating more actively in 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown and as they say “the rest is now a story”. You might wonder how he came about the name “Moghelingz”, this is what he has to say;

“I used to call my friends’ bo moghel and because I like being unique, I would tell them to call me moghelingz, which I think sounds cooler. Banele is a name my parents gave me but it’s too basic… I wanted a name that would help me grow my brand”.

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When he began his skit, it all kicked off on Instagram and Twitter until the advent of Tiktok which has shot him to the fame he always wished for. He is gay and dresses like a woman, according to him, “his aim is to inspire gay children from the townships. I want them to know that it is okay to be gay and bold. They must know that there are people like them, but most importantly I want them to look at me and relate.” Banele Ndaba hails from Mpumalanga precisely in Standerton, a small town, and grew up in ekasi

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Moghelingz content is based on African moms and throwbacks of what adults used to do as kids. His Tiktok page has grown to a massive 1.5 million followers and still counting. For his Instagram page, he has amassed more than 350,000 followers.