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Zola Mcaciso

Zola Mcaciso is a South African lawyer who is well-known for his academic excellence. The academician also bagged other qualifications which we are going to explore in this write-up. Join us as get to know him better.


Moravian Primary School 

University of the Western Cape 
Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

University of Cape TownUniversity of Cape Town
Master of Laws – LLM, Law
2017 – 2019
Specialized in Labour Law.

Zola Mcaciso’s education doesn’t end in Law, He graduated from the Leadership and Entrepreneurial program with the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. To show his immense love for education, he’s an alumnus and graduate of the Leadership Development Program known as SAWIP (South African Washington International Program). This led to him spending up to 6 weeks in Washington DC and New York City respectively undergoing intense leadership training and Interning at the International Law Institute. He’s also an alumnus of the prestigious Abe Bailey Travel Bursary/Scholarship Program.


Zola Mcaciso started from his childhood years to venture into this career. So many things confused him about the law but he made up his mind to try it out in other to understand it more. This is what he has to say;

“I always heard people talking about rights to do this, a right for that, but at the same time, I did not see those rights being afforded to the people in my community. Some spoke about law-abiding citizens whilst I witnessed crime in my community on a daily basis. This intrigued me, so I wanted to know more about this whole law thing; that’s how the whole thing started.”

While studying law at the University of the Western Cape, he was among the top ten academically performing students in his faculty throughout his degree. Finally, He graduated in seventh place on the dean’s merit list. While he made it to the top, his childhood days were not fun, he didn’t come from a rich home, because his parents were domestic workers.

“Being the firstborn in the family, I didn’t have anyone to look up to growing up. I had to find hope in a hopeless situation myself, but I’m glad that today those coming behind me will have an example. 
“grew up in a shack. I lacked school shoes and uniforms at times. I went to school without money because my parents couldn’t afford it. Even on those days that they had money, they never gave it to me, because they knew they wouldn’t have it every day, and that on days they couldn’t give it to me as a child I wouldn’t understand.


Dean’s Merit List
Issued by Dean of Law · Jan 2015Issued by Dean of Law · Jan 2015

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Golden Key Award UWC Chapter recipient 2014
Issued by Golden Key International · Aug 2014Issued by Golden Key International · Aug 2014

Dean’s Merit List
Issued by Dean of Law · Jan 2014

Zola and Babalwa Mcaciso

Zola Mcaciso Wife/Family

He’s married to Babalwa Mcaciso, and together they have two children. The wife is a content creator and an influencer.

Social Accounts 

He has gained more than 80,000 followers on Instagram.

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