Yvette Obura Biography – Age, Wedding

Yvette Obura

Yvette Obura is a Kenyan entrepreneur who came to the limelight after having a baby for Kenyan singer Kevin Kioko alias Bahati. When it comes to real natural African beauty, you can see it all in her. Ranging from her beautiful brown skin, and average body size, to an amazing curvy body.


She has a life apart from being known as the baby mama to Bahati. The curvy beauty is the owner of Yvettes Fashion Hub, an online store that deals in Women’s clothes. To show how popular the business is, it has already gained more than 25,000 followers on Instagram, courtesy of her own Instagram which has influenced the business page.

Yvette Obura also owns Mercy Perfect Closet, a Thrift store(a shop selling second-hand clothes and household goods) where she sells quality trendy X UK outfits.

yvette obura daughter mueni


In 2013, she had a child for Bahati and her name is Mueni Bahati. When she got pregnant, it didn’t go well with her family, especially her father who felt let down by that. This made her father not speak to her for about two years because she was his favorite daughter. She and Her baby daddy got separated and he later got married to Diana Marua. There were speculations that he left her, but this is what Yvette Obura has to say;

“Nothing serious happened between us to cause us to break up. People fall in and out of love all the time and that was our case. I was the one that fell out of love first. Other than being his baby mama I don’t like being in the limelight. I just felt I couldn’t do it,”

“Diana did not steal Bahati from me, worse off when I was pregnant, no. After I delivered Mueni we went our separate ways. I know there is a narrative going on social media, people questioning how come Diana and Bahati are celebrating their five-year anniversary, yet Mueni is five. Let me just say it happened that way, doesn’t mean he was snatched from me when I was still pregnant,”.

“Co-parenting has been very easy for us. I understand it is not the same case with many other parents out there but for us I thank God it’s been easy. There’s nothing going on between us, Bahati is married and I am seeing someone else so where will drama come from? Nowhere”.

Social Accounts

Her social accounts have grown so rapidly, she’s got more than 270,000 followers on her Instagram page. Being a smart woman, she also created another Instagram account for her daughter Mueni, which has gained more than 170,000 followers.

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